Background Information

Women Enterprise Fund is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency in the Ministry of Devolution and Planning (formerly in the  Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development)established in August 2007, to provide accessible and affordable credit to support women start and/or expand business for wealth and employment creation....Read more..

Vision and Mission

Our Vision : To socially and economically empower Kenyan women entrepreneurs for economic development.

Our Mission : To mobilise resources and offer access to affordable credit and business support services to women entrepreneurs.

Core Values ...

 Women Enterprise Fund Interest Rates Remain Unchanged!

Women Enterprise Fund interest rates remain the same, 

1. Tuinuke Loan  Remain at ZERO (0%), one-off administrative fee of 5% on the loan amount.

2. Jiimarishe Loan  Remain at 8% p.a. on a reducing balance     



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