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This is the Fund's department charged with the responsibility of operationalizing the key mandate "Provision of subsidized credit to women entrepreneurs for economic development". In endeavor to achieve the objective, the Department has formulated various operational strategies not only to guide the staff in the lending functions but also to leverage the Fund from inherent losses arising from the very nature of the business.

Target customers

The Fund targets all Kenyan women entrepreneurs who are economically active, above 18 years with no upper age limit but owning formal or informal business ventures in all economic sectors. The focus is however specific to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) owned by individual women, women in groups, sole proprietors, partnerships and companies.

Whereas lending involves a significant credit risk because the poor are perceived to be un-creditworthy; i.e., they lack the skills or expertise needed to put the borrowed funds to their best possible use, Women Enterprise Fund has documented policy and procedures to guide in the lending operations. The Fund employs simple lending methodologies, aimed at ensuring easy, cost effective and fast access of the loan funds to the Women.

Industry sectors

WEF supports all businesses across the industry divide that are economically viable and legally established.

Mission of Credit Department

The mission of the Department is "to grow a quality loan book through appropriate channels"; which is in sync with the Fund's mission "To mobilize resources and offer access to affordable credit and business support services to women entrepreneurs".

Functions and responsibilities of the Department

  • To grow a quality loan book through the appropriate channels
  • To formulate and implement lending policy, procedures and best lending practices
  • Monitor and evaluate all activities in relation to lending
  • Evaluation of partnering financial institutions
  • Review & design market led loan products on a regular basis
  • Ensure efficient & secure maintenance of loanees' information in the Management Information System
  • Preparation of monthly & quarterly reports
  • Offer Financial Advisory Services to beneficiaries of the Fund's services
  • Take necessary action to recover overdue loans

Departmental Units

The department is organized into four functional units namely;

  1. Appraisals
  2. Credit Administration
  3. Monitoring & Recoveries
  4. Field operations

Loan products

The Fund currently has two products namely; "Tuinuke" & "Jiimarishe". Whereas the former is offered strictly to groups at the constituency level by the ministry of gender officers, the later is offered to individuals, women owned companies etc through selected financial intermediary partners. The maximum loan amounts are Kshs.200,000 and Kshs.500,000 respectively.

Some of the achievements by the Department

  1. Developed credit policy & procedures
  2. Partnered with 74 financial institutions and continues to enlist more
  3. Fully developed structures in all the 8 regions with operational offices
  4. Successfully migrated all the loan data in the new system(Bankers Realm), making it possible to effectively manage loan information
  5. Built strong internal capacity by facilitating training of trainers in Accumulated Savings & Credit Associations (ASCAs). The trainers are evenly distributed in all corners of the country to effectively reach women entrepreneurs.
  6. Facilitated a successful impact assessment survey on the original financial intermediary partners by a consultant. The findings of the candid report inform the decisions on new engagements of financial intermediary partners
  7. Developed a new market-led loan products branded "Mkulima Bora Agricultural Loan product" Read more>>>

The functions of Operations Department are cross-cutting and linked to all the other mandates of the Fund.

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