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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) a Semi Autonomous Government Agency is keen to pull women out of poverty in the quickest possible means and the government has availed resources to ensure this happens. To achieve this feat cutting edge Information Technology is being implemented to allow for efficient, effective and accurate information management. We intend to securely network the remotest parts of this country to our central database and engage Mpesa technology for ease of loan repayments.

WEF's key mandate of delivering affordable credit to women over the years faced immense operational bottlenecks i.e. safe custody of client data, slow and tedious processing of loans and lack effective tracking of repayments besides marketing itself to a wider niche. Modern Information and Communication Technology related business systems was identified to be one major solution to these problems. Feasibility studies have been extensively carried out and Bankers Realm System was decided upon to be the most suitable application.

The Project was divided into two phases, the first of which acquired the software from Craft Silicon (Award winning software company). The first step was to do data conversion where WEF historical data had to be captured into the new system from the old almost manual one.

All staff were then trained to a reasonable level to appreciate and use the system. After rigorous verifications and checking to ascertain the correctness of the data, the system went live on 7th December 2010.This meant that a 6 months backlog of data had to be posted into the new system.

However, implementation of other add ons of the BR software like HR/Payroll modules ,Breft switch and Mpesa/Zap integration modules are on going.This is the second phase of the project which will allow for interconnection of all regional units through a mobile switch. This will ensure quick and accurate data capture at the source and timely loan disbursements with loan repayments being done through Mpesa/Zap.

Many other ICT based activities are concurrently being implemented to enhance WEF operations and put it in the cutting edge for effective Information Management.

It should also be noted that our state of the art website ( exclusively for WEF is already up and our stakeholders can now easily interact online. This will help open up new markets especially in the Eastern Africa Region due to its multilingual nature.

WEF stands to immensely benefit by embracing modern information business systems that will facilitate improvement on efficiency and exploitation of new business opportunities.

However, projects of these magnitude can't go without challenges of which has been thwarted by the engagement of experienced and qualified staff

The Information Communication Technology function is a cross-cutting and therefore seeks to address the connectivity and harnessing of the emerging technologies to facilitate the achievement of the five manadates for WEF. Modernizing the infrastructure and services that support Loan data management of the organization is a priority of this department.


The vision of the ICT Department is to transform the organization into an automated work environment that leverages loan disbursement and repayment of loans given to women groups in kenya.


The mission of the ICT Department is to provide, coordinate, and facilitate the use of technology and information resources to the satisfaction of the organization and its stakeholders.


The ICT Department values the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the organization as outlined in the fund's strategic plan i.e Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Courageous, Respect for diversity


The department is organized into three functional units namely;

  1. Technical support,
  2. Web design and development
  3. Data management.


  1. ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation
  2. Provision of hardware & software
  3. Automation of core services
  4. Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration
  5. Training
  6. Data management services
  7. Technical Support Services
  8. Website design and development


1. Implementation of Loan Tracking and management system, Bankers Realm
-Loan disbursement
-Loan Repayments
-Above to be enhanced through Mpesa/Zap

2. Local Area Network
3. Wireless Local Area Network
4. State of the art website-for marketing of women products and communication
5. Wide area Network-on going


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