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Monitoring and Evaluation



Effective policy making requires information on whether governments are doing things right and whether they achieve the results intended. Strong monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems provide the means to compile and integrate this valuable information into the policy cycle, thus providing the basis for sound governance and accountable public policies.


The M&E department of Women Enterprise Fund report to the Chief Executive Officer.  The department will be responsible for the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of all projects and programmes undertaken by the Agency.  It will ensure that there is consistency in the objectives and success indicators of programmes and will spearhead the development and timely delivery of relevant reports against outcomes.  

The main responsibilities of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department are:

  • Participate in preparing the developmental plans and programmes.
  • Adopt, apply and continuously develop effective monitoring and evaluation tools for the programmes and projects.
  • Set up policies and procedures which will guarantee effective performance for monitoring and evaluation of the development plans, programmes and projects. Supervise the application of the policies and regularly update them.
  • Build a Databank that will provide all the information and indicators needed in development planning.
  • Collect and analyze data and reports related to development plans and programmes.
  • Set up general framework and procedures required for implementing and monitoring the MDGs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation and the progress of national plans.
  • Institutionalize the monitoring and evaluation process at the governmental level, including establishment of units within the ministries and governmental institutions and build their institutional capacities.
  • Conduct evaluation studies of the plans, programmes and projects which will help decision makers take the necessary changes during the implementation of these plans programmes and developmental projects
  • Prepare quarterly progress reports of the ongoing programmes and projects.


To improve the project implementation in order to both achieve and enhance the impacts of the project.

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