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Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration



To provide accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and annual management and financial reports, efficient deployment of both human and capital resources of the Fund to secure value for money in line with the overall organization mission of economically empowering women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Functions of the Finance & Administration Department

  • Providing strategic leadership on all matters pertaining to financial management in the Fund;
  • Interpretation of financial policies, strategies and programmes;
  • Coordinating resource allocations in line with the Fund’s policies;
  • Overseeing expenditure monitoring and expenditure review and forecasts;
  • Prioritization of projects and activities for the purpose of financial and reporting;
  • Oversight of commitment of funds and expenditure trends;
  • Offering resource based planning and performance measurement.
  • Coordination and management of office accommodation and equipment,
  • Organization and management of the Accounting Division;
  • Coordination of all accounts duties;
  • Interpretation of financial policies,
  • Budgetary controls and management of accounting methods and financial returns;
  • Ensure application of sound accounting principles and controls of the Fund.
  • Initiating policy on procurement;
  • Reviewing, updating, interpreting and implementing existing procurement policies, regulations and procedures;
  • Coordinating of preparation and the implementation of procurement manual;
  • Conducting market research; preparation of procurement plans; carrying out internal monitoring and evaluation;
  • Assessing and measuring the performance of suppliers and contractors;
  • Introducing modern inventory management techniques and approaches;
  • Disposal of unserviceable stores,
  • Registry services,
  • Transport services,
  • Security and records management;

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